Unit 2 Discussion Topic 1

Integrating Viable Sources using APA

For this Discussion, you will conduct initial research for a persuasive proposal. Peruse these possible topics concerning business problems or use one of your own from your work.

First read about APA and plagiarism.

Then address these steps:

Step 1: Review APA format in the Academic Success Center, under Academic Writer. This information will also help to prepare you for the APA Quiz in Unit 3.

Step 2: Locate one viable source (see the Reading area) in the ABI/INFORM Complete database located in the Library (see Academic Tools) and post the APA formatted citation and accompanying reference for the source, a summary of the source’s content, and your plans for integrating the source into your final proposal. Your summary and plans should be approximately 300 words.

Step 3: Review two of your peers’ postings and provide feedback on their summaries and citations. If you note APA errors, bring them to the writer’s attention.

Unit 2 Discussion Topic 2

Cultural Differences

You read about some of the cultural differences between countries when communicating. Based on what you learned, research and respond to the following scenario:

  • You are a CEO of a tech company in California and you will be presenting to a group of technology professionals in a country of your choice; prepare a short audience profile of your audience and their needs. Conduct research to learn about your country and expectations of your audience in that country.  Cite your sources following your audience profile.

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