Written Portfolio Requirements:

  • You decide the type of folder, binder or notebook to use (must be professional)
  • Must include dividers and a table of contents with page numbers
  • All information must be typed and organized (easy to follow with page numbers)
  • Must create charts from Excel to illustrate facts
  • Must use spell check and grammar check
  • Line Spacing is double and Margins should be 1” top, bottom, left, and right

Written Portfolio Outline:

Create a professional cover page with your name, course, instructor name and image related to your career. Create a unique title and include the word – “Portfolio”.

Create a letter to your professor stating the benefits of doing this assignment. (This part must be done after you have completed all parts of this project).

Table of Contents – all pages in the portfolio must be numbered including the appendixes.

  • Introduction
  • Professional Emphasis (5 pages minimum) – double space for this section
  • Community Service(s)
  • Professional Periodicals & Conferences (Magazine, Journals, Conferences, etc.)
  • Professional Development
  • Internship & Volunteer Work
  • Interviews
  • Appendix (Supportive Documents)

Introduce yourself, state the purpose of portfolio, and brief overview that summarizes your relevant professional experience(s) and future plans.

You must address your work philosophy (work ethics) and research on your computer career. Research at least 3 different career positions of your interest. Include the following: description, salary, education required, skills required, and other training required. State any certifications and/or certificates needed.

State the community service that you have completed and plan to do in the future/Explain why you chose that community service and how it will benefit you.

  • State tem computer different magazines and/or Journals and explain what they offer along with the disadvantages and advantages (include the web sites).
  • State five conferences computer majors can attend and explain the purpose of the conference. In addition, state how people can attend the conference including the cost, benefits, and web sites.

Explain the courses you have taken, plan to take and future courses that are working toward your career goals. (College courses and other training courses)

State the internships and volunteer work you have completed in your career field. Explain your experience. If you do not have any internships or volunteer work, write a plan of how you plan to accomplish internships or volunteer work to further your career. If you have no desire to do internships or volunteer work, then interview three people in your career field who have done internships and/or volunteer work and summarize their experiences (at least one page per interview).

Interview three different people based on different roles you desire to accomplish within your career goals.

  • Use the Interview Questions that are attached to this project for each person. You may add questions, if you desire. Submit the questions and answers for each interviewee.
  • Summarize what you have learned from the three different people. (Be Specific).
  • Autobiography
  • Create a resume
  • Include any copies of your certifications, degrees, and certificates. Please reference it in your portfolio to come to this section.

Files To Submit:

  • Submit your electronic files of each section
  • For the Appendix section: you can scan the information and attach the files with the Portfolio File.
  • Take a picture of your notebook, folder or binder include the front, back, cover page, table of contents. Attach the images with the other electronic files.