write a paper about an issue related to sport management

The issue I am requesting you to write about is the effects FIFA is having to the sport of soccer.

The topic(s) must focus on an issue of interest to you but related to sport and fitness management.The purpose of this document is to provide a clear rationale for why this area of the sports industry needs to be examined; thus you will need to create a clear focus/direction for your paper.This document has a minimum word count of 1,000 words and a maximum word count of 1,250 words; thus, students will be charged with getting to the point in an efficient, high-quality manner.A minimum of 5 references should be used for this paper.The typed document should use 12-point, Times New Roman font and be double spaced using the correct APA formatting and citations.

I attached 3 files to have more information about the paper.

Please I need it done following all the instructions, it is very important.