Write A Paper 2.1


BCM 247.OnlinePrimary Writing Assignment 2–BadNewsStoryline:You are the Artistic Director for Cajun Designs, 1600 Plantation Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana. The zip code is 70116.One of your clients (you can decide the name ofa person or company) wanted you to run a contest to design a new promotional calendar for them to use for 2017. The client wants to send this calendar to all of their customersas a Christmas gift. The contest allows each contestant toenter one photo which would be used as a calendar page. Each winner would receive a check for $100 and the grand prize winner would win$300. Thirteen winners would be selected –one for each month and the grand prize winner for the cover of the calendar. The client happily notified all thewinners. However, the client wants you to write a letter to the “losers.” Your letter will be adapted for all of the other non-winners.Writing:For this assignment, write a letter to one of the “losers”using the indirect outline as explainedin Chapter 7of our text and in this module. Her name is Delilah Thibodeaux at 1627 Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Her entry, titled “Dream Flower,” was of a nice purple flower. It just wasn’t a photo that was interesting to the client. In the letter, tell her she didn’t win the contest.You will be holding a similar contest next year. The client has already chosen a theme –Landscapes of the Wild West. Think of an appropriate counterproposal.Instructions: a)Use the Block style letter with open punctuation(see the StyleCard in the back of your textbookas a resource; upload to the Dropbox link associated with this assignment.*For additional 3 points, design a letterhead with your company’s name and address at the top of the page.

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