World Histry Short Answer


World Histry Short Answer.

In this assignment, you will write short answers to questions about primary sources dealing with different kinds of law in the ancient world. Doing this will help you to characterize the central role of religion in ancient cultures and to compare the contributions of ancient cultures to the modern world.


Ancient scripts

Read the following three excerpts from ancient scripts:


  1. In a Word document, answer the following questions in three to four sentences each. You are expected to use your own judgments with regard to these sources rather than give a scholarly analysis. However, you must support your conclusions using the sources.
    • These three texts all appeal to an authority. What is that authority? What, if any, contribution do you think religion makes in shaping these authorities? Explain your point of view.
    • What might these excerpts from important ancient texts tell you about the role of religion in each culture? Explain your point of view.
    • What do you think might be some justifications for authority in the modern world, and how do they compare to those described in the excerpts? Explain.


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