World History Question


World History Question.

In this assignment, you will write an essay analyzing a primary source document (attached) Indian Home Rule.docx  about how Mohandas Gandhi, an Indian lawyer who struggled for his country’s independence from British rule, addressed colonial values. By analyzing his attitudes about colonialism, you may find relevance to modern culture and wars as well as your own actions and priorities. You’ll explore whether Gandhi’s message of peace has continued relevance to you personally and to our culture.

    1. Mohandas Gandhi saw the fight for national independence as inseparable from the fight for justice, including equality for women, who had few rights under colonialism. Gandhi’s peaceful philosophy served as a source of inspiration to many and stood in sharp contrast to the renewed militarism that would soon lead another war. Write a 1-2 page essay about how colonization disrupts a true civilization according to Gandhi.
    2. Use these questions to guide your thinking:

      • What specific elements of colonial life, which was widely considered the most advanced representation of civilization at the time, does Gandhi reject?
      • What values does Gandhi prize for a culture?
      • How does Gandhi provide specific examples of failed cultures as he praises the virtues of an independent Indian nation?

      Writing guidelines

      Be sure to adhere to the following writing guidelines:

          • Your essay must be 1-2 pages.
          • Include specific examples from the primary source document.
          • Your essay must be double-spaced using 12-point font, with 1-inch margins.
          • For citations, follow APA format.
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