World History Assignment


In this assignment, you will engage in a discussion about the conflict between Eastern and Western powers that occurred in the 19th century. To the leaders of Western nations, modern industrialism posed great promise for a more prosperous, advanced world society. Many people in Eastern nations, however, felt the Western nations’ aggressive promotion of industrialism threatened their established social, political, and economic systems.

In this discussion, you will review the events of the 19th century and reflect upon how changes during that time led to the modern world as we know it, with its strengths and weaknesses.


19th century conflict

•How are the outcomes of the 19th century conflict between Eastern and Western empires evident in the modern world? Provide three examples from at least one Eastern and one Western nation.

•What can we learn from the events of the 19th century and the ability of events to influence future events and nations?

>**250-350 words

**250-350 words, and cite all references used.

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