Who Influences Public Policy and How?, political science assignment help


dear writer please download the file i upload for this assignment it is the sheet where you will do the assignment it is an excel document it also contains the instructions.

See the following website links below to assist in completing the attached spreadsheet and to learn more about who influences the public policy processes in the US.




 Dear writer In case you got trouble to see these sites you can go to my school website


my user name is mkann77200 and my password is Student5

once you log in you will click on

POL.402.DIS.B1T01.FA2016: Fall 2016 Analysis of Public Policy 

once you click on that you will click on week 4 on your left after clicking on week 4 you will click on Activities and Assignments

next you click on the second link

Who Influences Public Policy & How Assignment

after clicking on that you will see the three link for the websites that will be easier for you to see the sites and help you to complete the excel spreadsheet thanks

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