what is your view on empathy- myassignmentgeek.net

what is your view on empathy- myassignmentgeek.net

LENGTH / SOURCE REQUIREMENTS: (Essays that do not meet minimum requirements may not be accepted.)

  • The final draft of your essay must be at least FOUR full pages (not more than six), not including your works cited page.
  • You must use at least TWO of the following sources:
    • Steinberg
    • Suttie
    • Rifkin
    • “Does Empathy Guide” (Room for Debate)
    • Smith
    • Brennan et al.
    • Shanker


  • MOTIVATES the reader to read on through an engaging lead-in strategy
  • INFORMS the reader with necessary background and context (e.g., definition, summary of what people are saying, overview of a trend, statistic showing scope of problem, etc.)
  • FOCUSES the argument and FORECASTS where it is going by clearly stating the thesis as “one provocative thought.”


  • Thesis conveys “one provocative thought,” reflecting the complexity of the issue.
  • Ideas are unified through clear logical relationships such as subordination.

Sources & Examples

  • You provide enough evidence to back up your claims.
  • You have used at least TWO different sources in your paper from the ones listed above. (You may use additional outside sources, but they do not count toward this requirement. They should be cited properly, both within the essay and on the works cited page.)
  • You have done some “diving” into specific examples from personal experience and/or sources and/or observations to illustrate your points.

ABC CyclesBody paragraphs are structured to:

  • ASSERT one arguable claim as the topic sentence (i.e., the first sentence of each body paragraph should be one of the claims we broke out of your thesis during our conference)
  • BRING IN at least one quotation and/or specific examples to support the claim
  • CONNECT the support to the claim

Signal phrases

  • Each quotation is introduced with a signal phrase that provides relevant information on the “guest speaker” who is about to “speak” in the quote.
  • You have prepared the reader for the quoted words by providing necessary background or context

In-text citations and works cited page

  • In-text citations are handled correctly in MLA style.
  • Works cited page matches the sources cited in the essay. To do your works cited page, copy and paste the contents of Works Cited for Empathy into its own, final page of your essay, and then delete the sources you didn’t use. If you used outside sources, be sure to include them. The Purdue OWL website contains information to help you create citations for these sources. Be sure to alphabetize.

Language, Style & Formatting

  • Paper shows careful attention to editing and proofreading
  • Sentences are clear and graceful.

Later, when you produce the final draft of your argument…

…you will include a works cited page as the last page of the essay. It should include ONLY those sources you actually used (cited) in the essay you wrote.

To create your works cited page, you can:

  • Start by centering the words “Works Cited” at the top of a new page.
  • Copy and paste the entries for the sources you used from the document provided here onto your works cited page.
  • Make sure the sources are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Make sure you keep the formatting (double-spaced throughout, hanging indent).
  • If you use any outside sources, add citations for them and make sure you alphabetize them. You can find information here (Links to an external site.) on how to create MLA-style citations.

Required Sources (You must use at least two of these):

Steinberg_College Students Today Have Less Empathy-1.pdf

Barton – In Our Social Media World, Is Empathy Dying.docx

Room for Debate Empathy.docx

Garcia: How Technology and Media Shape My Experiences with (In)Civil Discourse

Empathy-A drag queen’s heels and a miner’s boots_ show lets you walk a mile in their shoes _ Stage _ The Guardian.pdf

Rifkin – The Empathic Civilisation.pdf

Smith – Our Fear of Immigrants.pdf

Empathy Is Still Lacking in the Leaders Who Need It%0D%0A Most.pdf