What are Logical Fallacies? – myassignmentgeek.net


What are Logical Fallacies? – myassignmentgeek.net

Here is the requirements:

1. Please watch intro video about chapter 3 (linked below)

Note: Both videos are the same. I’ve offered two different sites in case you have difficulty accessing one of them! (Also: this video was recorded a few years ago, so just ignore the joke about the movie, The Lone Ranger!)

Video link:

2. When you are done watching, post 2 questions you have about logical fallacies: one “content” question (some specific, objective detail) and one “philosophical/deeper meaning” question (a question that’s more subjective). Your questions can be from either my intro video or Chapter 3.

3. By the end of Week 3, you should return to both the “Content Question” and “Philosophical/Deeper Meaning Question” Discussions and respond to 2 content questions and 2 philosophical/deeper meaning questions (a total of 4 responses). Respond as a “comment” under the question. Do not answer the questions you posted; instead, respond to someone else. You can pick and choose which questions you want to answer.

So, please post 2 questions and response 4 questions.

Here is the 4 questions need to be response:

1. When is the slippery-slope argument not fallacious?

2. Why is it called the “Straw man” fallacy?

3. For the slippery slope, we may always use in normal life, how to fix it to make the logic to be correct?

4. Can multiple illogical fallacies make a reasonable argument?


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