West Virginia Business College – Wheeling Connected, but Alone? TED Talk Questions

Invention: choose the best possible arguments for your case. (what is the best way to convince someone to agree with your argument?) (creativity choose the facts/ evidence that best support your argument)

Arrangement: Determine the most effecting way to organize your arguments> (e.g. introduction , body, conclusion)

Style: using certain language to present your arguments (words choice, phrasing, imagery, appropriateness, familiarity)

Delivery: nonverbally (physical, vocal) presenting your arguments. originally the voice, but today we know that other nonverbal behaviors such as gestures, use of space, eye contact)

Memory: Delivering a speech without notes and recalling important info. during speech. Rhetoricians disagreed on the canon of memory and how it should be executed. today notes for structure are deemed acceptable.