Week 9 – Discussion board – This is a 2 part discussion board


Week 9 – Discussion board – This is a 2 part discussion board.

This is a discussion board post, no minimum length stated so answers should be brief but very solid.

1. You must read the attached article, review the 14 Powerpoint slides and answer all 5 questions on the last slide.


Article – Wk9.pdf  

Powerpoint slide – Answer all 5 questions on the last slide.  Wk9-2.pdf


2. Read this article and answer the questions below.


1. How would you define ahimsa–in terms of its (a) literal meaning; (b) prescriptive behavior–what we should do; and (c) proscriptive behavior–what we should not do. Find examples from the article.
2. Laity–or lay persons–are the common “everyone else” folks, whereas clergy or clerics are the ordained religious orders such as monks, priests, monks, nuns. Discuss the issue of “intentionality” for lay Jains. (See page 3 of the article.)
3. Buddhism as well as Jainism in particular stress compassion, which seems to be the spirit of or at the heart of the teaching of ahimsa. How might we “cultivate” and practice compassion in our daily lives?
4. How does religion or religious teaching factor into ecology, and environmentalism?
5. From an overall reading of this piece, how might ahimsa be applied in the matter of self-defense and in responding to domestic violence?

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