Week 6: Employee Relations and Human Resources as a Strategic Partner

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HR professionals have many responsibilities within an organization. One such responsibility is ensuring safe working practices, which is the focus of this week’s final Discussion. Safety is just the latest in the list of HR functions you have focused on throughout the course. In fact, HR professionals have so many individual functions for which they are responsible that such professionals might be tempted to focus on these individual functions. As a result, they may lose the ability to adopt a holistic view of their organizations and their role within said organizations. By analyzing how each function contributes to their roles as strategic partners, HR professionals can benefit both themselves and their organizations.

This week you evaluate responses to safety problems. You also analyze the role of the HR professional and the impact of knowledge of this role on your own career.


Students will:

  • Evaluate responses to safety problems
  • Analyze the role of the human resource professional
  • Analyze the professional impact of knowledge of the role of the human resource professional
  • Identify human resource concepts