Visual Sociology Project, Assingment Homework help


The purpose of this assignment is to atempt to extract sociology from pictures. One form of qualitative data analysis is called “photovoice.” Here, we are using the old phrase, “a picture speaks a thousand words” but you are examining photos from a sociological standpoint.

Choose any 3 different concepts, theories, or themes we have discussed at any point in the semester. Then, find a photo that displays that particular concept. You can pick something specific like “the sick role” or racial profiling. Or, you can do something general like stratification, gender, or deviance. The photos you use can be ones that you have taken yourself, or images that you find online. Once you have the pictures, write short captions underneath them. These captions explain how the picture relates to the sociological concept you are discussing. PLEASE DO NOT USEMEMES! You will lose points if you include these. It is your job to caption the picture, so do not use photos where someone else has already added text over the top to convey an idea. I have included an example below to help you along your way. 

The best way of submitting this assignment is to simply upload a Word document with the pictures and captions. You can easily copy and paste any pictures you have into Word and then place the text below it. This assignment is worth 10% of your final grade. It is designed as a way to help you boost your grade.

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