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Recommendation:With the above points in mind JM Foods should evaluate each store for interior design improvement.From an overall design standpoint, management should apply the following rules of thumb–focus on a carefully arranged ambience, with a simple design, convenient choice of decor style, colors, illumination and background music. While certain of these improvements may not be cost effective for stores already in place and operational, this outline establishes a standardized criterion which may be applied to future expansion.

For stores currently in operation, there are still things that can be done to enhance their decor.Some design ideas include the following:

  • Typography:Use bold graphics, marquee letters, diagrams and charts to add type to the walls.
  • Artwork:Call an artist or work with someone local to create unique pieces that suit the restaurant.For example, the nearby Goodwill store, only minutes away from the Valrico outlet, can be an excellent bargain treasure trove for this purpose.
  • Instagram worthy customer appeal: Create a polished look with good lighting and beautiful colors that customers can share with friends and send referrals to the business.
  • Go Green:Decorate spaces with lots of plants, flowers and fresh herbs.Plants are not only beautiful and relaxing, but along with the “Mike’s Way” style of food preparation, makes a visual connection about the freshness of your ingredients.
  • Open Up:Take the common JM Foods practice of making the kitchen itself part of the décor to the next level by combining it with the actions above.Inviting customers to get close to the products and scenery gets them talking and increases their tendency to spend.
  • Pick a theme:JM should pick something that is reflective of their menu and brand.
  • Keep it simple:JM should create a simple design that shows off the food without overpowering it.
  • Embrace community:JM should foster a community environment within its stores.This means communal tables and areas where no TVs exist.This is the essence of sharing a meal together and meeting neighbors.

Weakness: Marketing Campaign:JM Foods should use the company’s marketing efforts more effectively by creating a target market strategy.The community-oriented cause marketing strategy is self-evident as it is heavily influenced by charitable giving.It was much more difficult to determine what specific group or groups represented JM Foods most frequently recurring customers.

A review of the literature as well as discussions with managers (both unaffiliated and those affiliated with JM Foods) and the marketing representative led to various inputs related to what constitutes the company’s target market.

  • From SWOT analysis research:Lower-Middle Income youth—This detail was derived from an undated SWOT analysis and not attributed to JM.It tends to contradict any justification for higher prices given the income levels of the group targeted.Furthermore, during store observations, rarely did this target group patronize the stores.
  • From Management:We don’t really have a designated or targeted group.This could reflect inexperience or unfamiliarity with the typical clientele.At the very least, it reveals a weakness in tracking trends or gathering metrics on new and repeat customers.
  • Mission Statement Influence:The community in general is our target—Reflects core values and charitable giving campaigns.
  • Marketing is a strong determinant—A shared resource where ownership may not actively engage.Where a marketing representative existed, it was one individual responsible for seven stores.
  • Largely shaped, influenced or driven by the national marketing campaign.Not all stores in the area are supported by a marketing representative.This approach would obviously be dependent upon national branding for wider exposure, and whatever local marketing approaches each store chooses based upon owner discretion.