Thinking out loud: Faith and Freedom in the Arts


  B)  Last week we studied Luther’s wrestling with conscience and faith and duties, and he left the Catholic church rather than give into intimidation and threat.  This week, use, describe the situation of Thomas More and his example.  Compared him briefly with Luther.

C)  Using the EXPLORE items listed below, explain whether you prefer the representation of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, Veronese, or Tintoretto, identifying specific elements of the Renaissance and Mannerist artistic styles found in each of these. Identify which version of the Last Supper seems to you to be more historically realistic and why, and explain whether historic realism or communicating a message is more important. 

·  Tintoretto’s Last Supper at

·  Tintoretto’s Last Supper, video, at

Leonardo’s Last Supper at

  • ONE MORE ISSUE DISCUSSED:  Discussthe following  issue:

Discuss whether you would have sided with Veronese or with Inquisition court, considering the issues of artistic freedom, right of the patron, and appropriate subject matter. Provide a rationale for your response. Describe a SPECIFIC real modern situation where similar issues arise, like a controversial film, a professor with controversial views, a business owner expressing a religious opinion in public, a business owner who has an employee who is “just different”, etc.

Trial of Veronese at

For each question the answer has to be 125 words or more and references in APA Format. Thank you!

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