The University of Tampa Transaction Processing System Analysis

This assignment requires student teams to analyze, document, and evaluate a real-world transaction processing system (TPS).

  1. System Evaluation/Recommendations. Prepare a professionalmemo(1-2pages)directed to your host business contact (CC to me) summarizing your analysis and recommendations. Note: Do notsend this memo to your host business contact; it is for assignment purposes only. Your memo must be prepared in professional memo format[1]and consist of a well-written synopsis of required content. Your memo must be presented as your response to this requirement and include the following content:
  • a)Opening Statement (1-2 sentences). Provide a succinct introductory statement stating the purpose of the memo (i.e., what the memo is about).
  • b)Analysis (1-2 paragraphs). Provide a synopsis of your analysis of the TPS studied, key strengths/weaknesses identified, and a critical assessment of the overall efficacy of the process (i.e., operational effectiveness, operational efficiency, and information integrity) in your assessments. Note: Process efficacy should be assessed relative to the system purpose and operations/information process objectives you identified above. If the system has no weaknesses (which is unlikely), you must state so in your memo and carefully justify this assessment.
  • c)Recommendations (1 paragraph). Provide recommendations for improving the operational effectiveness, operational efficiency, and/or information integrity of TPS studied. Recommendations must consist of suggested process improvements and any additional IS components you deem necessary to implement improvements. Recommendations must be well-justified and practically feasible for the host business (i.e., consider technological, operational, and economic feasibility of recommendations, see footnote).[2]Note: Recommendations must be based on weaknesses identified above.If you have no recommendations (which is unlikely as no system is perfect), you must state so in your memo and carefully justify your reasoning.
  • d)Closing Statement (1-2 sentences). Provide a succinct closing statement summarizing your conclusions and/or the actions suggested/requested.