the system of slavery in Old Calabar using Randy Sparks, history homework help –


the system of slavery in Old Calabar using Randy Sparks, history homework help –

#using Randy Sparks’ Two Princes of Calabar. This book should by your main source

demonstrate written and analytical skills by submitting a paper addressing

How did the system of slavery change in Old Calabar once the Efik people engaged in the transatlantic slave trade with the English? For example, consider who and how people became enslaved in the Old Calabar region, the different types of slavery that existed there (and why), and their personal and trading relationships with the English slave traders.

Determine if you have sufficient readings/evidence to support your thesis in sufficient depth for the length of this paper. Remember, looking for the clarity and sophistication of your argument as well as in how well you support it.

• Write approximately three pages (750 words).

• Use only course readings. Your main source should be The Two Princes of Calabar.

• Cite the sources you use via footnotes or parentheses. For this assignment, you need not type the author and title but instead merely indicate the author. For example, cite Sparks’ Two Princes book as (Sparks, 114.) and a document as (Equiano), or put it in a footnote without the parentheses.

• You must include short (less than one sentence), specific quotations from Two Princes. Avoid quotes longer than six or seven words. Phrases or parts of sentences are often more effective.

• Keep in mind that the audience for your paper is the hiring committee at the Smithsonian (in other words, any educated person like yourself).

• Put your thesis in the first paragraph. Ensure it clearly states what you intend to argue.

• Make sure you have only one point per paragraph and that each paragraph has a topic sentence

connected to your thesis.

• Avoid writing in the first person (e.g., I/we/us).

• Avoid overly casual language such as “a lot,” “truly,” and “huge.” Remember this is a formal paper.

• Spend additional time tightening up your writing: Avoid words such as “really” and “truly” that do not add substance to your argument.


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