The Importance of Citations and References in Professional Writing Paper

Please think about citations you have used in written work you have done in your major. Why have you used citations? What did citations allow you to do? Please keep in mind that the in-text citations we use may be paraphrases, summaries, and quotations.

Also think about how you used citations—the different ways you used them, e.g., as summaries, paraphrases, and quotations. In a post of two paragraphs that total 400 words, please explain, using one specific assignment (include a one sentence description of the assignment and the class for which you did the assignment), how you used citations and what they allowed you to do. Your goal here is to explain the choices you made as a writer: choices about how and why you used citations.

So here is some information I want to include. My major is Business Administration. And the specific assignment, I don’t have anything in mind, just please don’t do law class or something because I never take a law class. So please do something like GE class, or Business major class.

Attach file is the one I order but I don’t want to have any citation in my assignment here. And the writer disappear. So please make change on the file or make a brand new discussion if you want. And I include a picture that are my classmate work. So you get what i mean by don’t cite anything in the post.