The Human Brain and Genes


The Human Brain and Genes.


Let me first just start by saying I found this chapter to be very interesting. I think the human brain is an amazing thing. There was TONS of information and new terminology in this chapter, so please bare with me.

Behavioral geneticists explain

Genes are the basic physical and functional unit of heredity. Genes are made up of DNA molecules. They play a huge role in what we get from our parents; like what eye color or hair color we have. Behavioral geneticists explain our human differences by studying our differences and comparing the effects of what is heredity and what is a reaction from our environment or things around us.

Nature and nurture kind of work together as a part of us, as humans need to adapt to certain things. Heredity and environment are what has an effect on who we are, and how we act. The traits that are passed down to us from our parents are the building blocks of our personality. Physical characteristics such as height, weight, color of eye and skin, social and intellectual behavior are determined by heredity (AdminEssays 2013).

Environment can mean several different things. Environment as inside the women’s womb before birth, and social environment. Home atmosphere, parental love and affection, association with sibling, neighbors, peers, and teachers (AdminEssays 2013) can be examples of social environment. These factors will have a great effect on the personality the human forms and builds through childhood.

Explain behavior tendencies

Evolutionary psychologists use natural selection to explain behavior tendencies by relating Charles Darwin’s natural selection theory to the mental process of human beings. I do agree with this because I think that in order to reproduce, we have find a person who best fits our wants and needs.

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