Technological Revolution


Technological Revolution.

Final Project: Go Create Something

The Final Project is titled “Go Create Something!” Over the last nine weeks you have been examining technology. You have looked at the impact technology has had on history, culture, and individuals. You observed technology use in your own life and interviewed someone who specialized in the use of old technology.

Final project

For your Final Project you will be using technology to create something of your own and describe what types of technology were used in that creation. For example, you could create a paper airplane, which would use the technology of papermaking.

Your Final Project contains two parts, a written component and a visual presentation.

Written component

Part I: Written component

Format your written component in APA manuscript style and use proper citation. 

The written project must contain the following sections:

  1. Describe the technology used before you encountered the task of creating.

    Technology has been in use before you even had a chance to sit down to your project. If you are sewing something, technology has been used to create the fabrics, dyes, and supplies. If you are making a paper airplane, technology has been used to create, package, and ship the paper to where you purchased it.

    Describe what kinds of technology were used in order to make the supplies you need for your project.

  2. Describe the technology used in the act of creating.

    Technology includes techniques

    What technology did you use in the creation of the project itself? You would think that there would be no technology in this sort of project, however since the definition of technology includes techniques, one could list the various folds used to create a masterpiece of origami.

  3. What is the history of the methods you used in the act of creating?

    How new is the technology you are using to create your project? What is the history of the technology?

  4. Is this technology easily accessible or less accessible?

    Technology cost

    For example, how much does using this technology cost? How much room does using this technology take? How much education does someone need in order to operate this technology?

  5. What is the future of this method?

    Will you use this technology again? How popular is this technology? Is it a technology that will be used often or seldom in the future?

  6. What does your creation and the methods used and technologies used teach us about our larger culture?

  7. Larger society

    What does your project and the technology around it say about the larger society? About history? About gender? About social class? About location?

Prepare for this part of the project by reading the following article from the Writing Center:

Reflective Writing

Part II: Visual presentation

Visual presentation

You will create a visual presentation of your Final Project. You will create a PowerPoint presentation, approximately 6-10 slides. Think of this as a virtual ‘show and tell’ of your final project.

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