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Write a one- to two-page essay (single-spaced) about an event or pattern of parenting in your family and contrast that with another event or pattern in the previous generation of your family. By parenting I mean what happened, how your parent or parents responded, what you or they thought was important in that event or pattern, your family’s policies and how they influenced you, and how you reacted to their parenting. I hope your essay will reflect the type of family and family life you came from or the way you are raising your own children today. 

Important note: If your family history is too painful to write about, you may interview a friend and write about their parenting and the parenting they received from their own parents 

This is a compare and contrast essay, meaning you should begin by describing an incident that is an example of how your parents raised you. Then, please describe an incident that shows the kind of parenting one of your parents or grandparents had. Next, please discuss the similarities and differences. Finally, reflect on these differences and offer suggestions or interpretations for the differences. 

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