Stanford Prison Experiment Movie Social Analysis


R​‌‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌​esearch and analyze a specific social situation in a movie. (Stanford Prison Experiment Movie)- Summary of movie and terms are in attached document! Very important to use for paper. No first person use!** Social Situation Analysis Paper Components: (very detailed) Part I: The first part of the Social Situation Analysis paper should: (a) describe the setting, the people who are part of it, and the social behaviors students observed or experienced; (b) analyze the behavior in terms of relevant course concepts (this analysis should be the main part of the paper); and (c) relate the situation and behaviors to a your own life, e.g., why you chose the social situation setting, what you expected, how your behavior was influenced by others. (seeing police brutality be a huge issue in our society and how power and conformity affect peoples need to help minority groups) A complete situation analysis gathers information on four areas: (*you must use subheadings {SAMPLE HEADINGS IN BOLD FOR EACH SECTION} within your paper for the following areas): -The social situation setting, its severity and its causes from a research or theoretical perspective. -The people affected by the problem (potential interpersonal audiences to are analyzing). -The broad context (social psychology concepts, research, and theory) in which the situation exists. -Inhibiting factors, factors preventing or facilitating behavior change. Part II: In the second part, you are directed to apply social psychological theories and your knowledge to a social issue or issues observed within the chosen social situation from part one of the paper (relate to police brutality and how power and influences can affect peoples attitudes). In this section of the paper, you will describe the social issue(s) observed, and then use social psychological principles to influence positive social change regarding that issue(s). In order to do this, you will explore the social psychological contributions to the specific social problem(s) and think creatively about strategies and potential interventions to influence social change. You are required to refer to social psychological research and writings on the specific social situation(s) observed and potential intervention strategies that address the issue(s) observed (using at least three peer reviewed APA journal or textbook references). For instance, journals such as the Journal of Social Issues could be a very useful resource: each journal issue focuses on a perspective on the observed social problem. A situation analysis guides the identification of situations for a social psychology intervention (primary, secondary, tertiary) and informs you of the appropriate steps in the analysis process. It establishes a clear, detailed and realistic picture of the opportunities, resources, challenges and barriers regarding a social psychology situation. Additional Info: Social Situation Paper Organization Guideline Steps Step 1: Identif​‌‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌​y the Social Situation: For this paper your social situation (issue) is identified in your introduction. It may be necessary from an organization standpoint to identify the broad social psychology situation (issue) that needs to be addressed in a particular setting or geographic area. To do so, reviewing existing social data, survey results, study findings and any other available data to identify the priority social situation. Throughout your literature review, pay attention to the following types of information: Geographic areas where high levels of mortality and morbidity exist because of a social situation. The prevalence or incidence of that social situation. Population segments that are most heavily impacted by the social situation. The existing priorities of managing the social situation. Step 2: Develop a Problem Statement A successful strategy for writing this paper is to focus on one specific social situation. Develop a focused problem statement. This problem statement names the social situation (issue) and indicates who is affected, where, and, if known, the extent of the problem (e.g., a high amount). State the problem in your own words. Then, write a clear one- to two-sentence problem statement that reflects your understanding and that can guide the data collection (research) and analysis on that specific social situation or issue. Step 3: Conduct a Literature Review A close up of a logo Description automatically generated To better understand your social situation and to address the problem, you need to conduct a literature review. To start this process, review the vision and problem statements and divide them up into social psychology concepts. Develop a list of keywords related to those concepts. Brainstorm additional synonyms and related keywords for each concept. These keywords will be the search terms used to find relevant literature. (See attached File with terms!) Step 4: Decide the Scope of the Review Determine how many studies and how comprehensive the review should be. Step 5: Identify the Relevant Information Use the keywords/search terms to look for literature that fits within the scope of your review, including existing quantitative and qualitative data about the problem and the people affected. Step 6: Review and Organize the Data Focus only on information that will help you address the problem and avoid including information that is not as relevant. While reviewing the data, organize the studies that contain information on potential social situation interventions. Some research studies provide information on what groups of people think, feel and do about the social situation, what influences their affect, behavior, and cognitions have on the social situation. For example, you may need additional information on beliefs about the social situation. Step 7: Analyze the Data and Summarize the Findings 3 peer reviewed journal or textbook references- ex: Journal of Social Issue​‌‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌​s

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