Sports First Aid Assignment


Before beginning this assignment, please visit two or three of the following websites to view You Tube video clips on the correct way to backboard an injured athlete.

Video link:

Video link:

Video link:

Answer the following questions about the videos (copy and paste the questions into a word processing document and upload your completed response here as either Word or PDF–your similarity index may seem high, but should only be triggering on the questions themselves–this is ok and will not be penalized).

1. Who is in charge when spineboarding an athlete and why?

2.  Describe 3 tools that can be used to remove a helmet and their role in its removal.

3.  Where do the assistants place their hands to perform a log roll and why? (Be very specific–consider the number of assistants, where their individual hands are placed, and why they put their hands in those spots.)

4.  If you were at the head, what commands would you provide to the assistants to perform a log roll?  Please write your response as if you were performing the roll in real time. (Be very specific–write your commands as if you were giving them to all of the assistants present to ensure a smooth/coordinated roll and placement onto the board.)

5.  Bullet point at minimum 12 key factors (total) that you feel are essential from two or three video clips. (For example: 4 for each video x 3 clips = total of minimum 12 key points -or- 6 from each video x 2 clips = total of minimum 12 points -or- 3 for each video x 4 clips = total minimum of 12 points.)


Points Possible

Points Earned

Question 1 (Clearly detailed who is in charge during spineboarding and explanation why)


Question 2  (Clearly identifies 3 tools that can be used to remove a helmet and how they are used)


Question 3 (Clearly describes the hand positioning for assistants on the log roll and why you would have them placed in those positions)


Question 4 (Provides clear verbal prompts as the leader in a log roll in real-time)


Question 5  (12 total key take away learning points from 2 or 3 video clips)


Organization, spelling and sentence mechanics, grammar


Submitted on time



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