SPHE352 Final Project

Assignment Instructions

Final Project:

Getting a degree in this day and age does not guarantee you a job. Instead, a degree only increases your chances of opening certain doors in order to apply the knowledge gained through the educational process. This project functions as a measure of your ability to do just that. You will be tested on your ability to construct, gather, and apply the fundamentals of coaching football and how it relates to your coaching philosophy. When you are in front of a hiring board they will not really care about your ability to manage wins, your previous record will show that, they will desire to know why you want to coach and your fundamental coaching philosophy. This project assist you in the development of that philosophy.

You will construct a Power Point presentation on various coaching aspects.

*Be sure to use the note section within powerpoint for elaboration on your slide presentation

Personal Coaching Philosophy.

Develop a personal coaching philosophy.

Review the attached document Developing a functional coaching philosophy power point presentation to assist you. Use your text book and other sources to provide a starting point.

Why did you chose the coaching philosophy you chose? How often should you adjust it? Why?

Teaching Techniques and Tactics of the game.

How can you effectively teach your players the game of football?

How can you make learning fun?

How can you increase the level of play?

Be sure to use specific examples that reflect your coaching philosophy and the age group that you will be coaching.

Evaluating Sports Skills.

How would you go about evaluating a player’s specific skill?

Why is this important?

How much power over the correction of the player’s skill do you have? Why is it important that you, the coach, understand your power?

A Coaching Aspects; Leadership, Planning, Operations, Liability

Prepare a slide for each topic above.

How do they relate to your coaching philosophy?

Why are they important?