This project will involve some physical activity, so if you are not able to do this yourself, you could ask a friend to be your subject as you do this.

You will be examining the heart and respiration rates after you exercise for 5 minutes doing a simple activity: climbing stairs.

Before you begin the exercise, take your normal resting heart rate and respiration. Take the pulse at the Carotid artery for 10 seconds. Then multiply that number times 6. Then count the number of breaths you take in 15 seconds and multiply that by 4. These will be your baseline numbers. Alternatively, you can use a free applike Cardiio which uses a cellphone camera to measure heart rate from the blood flowing through your fingertip. (Other apps that measure heart rate may be used as well – check with your phone operating system’s store to search for more). If you are using an app, make sure you are still while it measures your heart rate. And again, measure your baseline before exercising.

Now begin climbing a set of stairs as fast as you can. Continue to go up and down the stairs continuously for ten minutes. (If you feel dizzy or unable to continue, then STOP, take a seat and continue to the next step)

Once you have done the steps for 10 minutes ( or until you had to stop),immediately take your pulse and count the respirations like you did before you started. Do this every minute for 10 minutes or until you return to baseline (whichever comes first).

Explain how you did with this project (or if you used a vic — er— volunteer) then answer these questions as a reply to this discussion:

  1. What was your baseline hear rate and respirations?
  2. What were your hear rate and respirations immediately after completion?
  3. How long did it take you to return to your baseline values ?
  4. Why did your heart rate get faster?
  5. Why did your breathing get faster?
  6. Why is it better to take the pulse at the carotid artery and not the radial artery?

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