SOWK 135 Quiz 4


  1. In the video, Denise explained that as a private practice therapist, she worked with
  2. Ilene decided to try this new approach with JoAnn.
  3. How does David describe relationships that are redeemed?
  4. David believes mental health services need to be better connected to families through which two institutions?
  5. True or False: Tamika cared about her son, despite how frustrated she was with the poor choices Daquan had been making.
  6. True or False: According to the Air Force, Irene is a first an officer, then a social worker.
  7. The focus of Irene’s Family Advocacy Program was to ___________________ in family violence and other challenges that families face when they have a family member in the military.
  8. True or False: Behavioral change that happens quickly is often a reaction to external forces and not based in a real change in attitude.
  9. To avoid “vicarious trauma,” Laura regularly processes her experiences by consulting whom?
  10. Which is not a part of Job Prep?

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