Sociology Paper Needed ASAP diamondonilia


  1. You are to reference a media outlet source in the form of a movie, television show, or set of commercials.
  2. You are to explain how the chosen medium related to one of the prior chapters in your text. You are to eleborate on how the topic expresses teh chosen chapter and/or social phenomenon; additionally, expand your arguement to explain how the topic is (or may be) a social problem and one possible remedy for said social problem. The explanation must be answered in essay format.
  3. You must include references from at least one of the chapters in the text: in other words, you must use sociological phrases.
  4. Your answer must be EXACTLY 2 pages (no more, no less).
  5. Use Times New Roman, 12-sized font. You may format the paper in single-, double-, or one-and-a-half spacing 

Sociology Paper Needed ASAP diamondonilia.

This is the criteria for a sociology paper that is due 

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