San Jose State University Different Religions in India Presentation

Required Texts/Readings

Gundling, E. and Zanchettin, A. (2010). Global Diversity: Winning Customers and Engaging Employees within World Markets. Nicholas Brealey Publishing ISBN: 9781904838265

Instructions: Working with your group and the country or region from our textbook, create a 15-minute powerpoint presentation highlighting the most important information about your reading.

Each member of your group should discuss one of the following topics:

    • Overview of the country – both historically and geopolitically. More information is helpful here.
    • Key Variables (2) – Pg 5 in the textbook
    • Impact on Hospitality Industry with recommendations

Each member of your group is responsible for speaking from 5-10 minutes. The group is responsible for creating a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 10 slides.

Here is the outline of my part needed to put on the powerpoint

  1. Religion
  • Different religions throughout India
    • Hinduism
    • Islam
      • Conflict between India and Pakistan
    • Sikh
    • Parsees
  • Indian secularism
    • Coexistence
    • Instances of violent encounters between groups (pg. 95)
  • Literacy rates
  • Religion and the workplace
    • Secular national holidays and holiday schedules for those working in IT for Western clientele.
  1. Socioeconomic status
  • Caste system
  • Access to educational opportunities and corporate social responsibility programs
  1. Gender
  • Generation gaps between females and traditional values
  • Society’s pressures and discrimination towards women (pg. 104)
  • Dowry custom
  • Progress in the workplace
    • Paid maternity leave
    • Antiharassment