In the organizations, often management faces the issues to manage the team activities and healthy communications inside the team because of the different cultures employees are belongs to. Since group of people in the teams share the common goals and report to the same reporting manger there are numerous chances to lead the conflict situations and manage the productivity in the numerous ways. When employee faces the challenges, team leaders should come forward and take the charge to control the conflicts and resolve the workplace challenges in the possible ways (Mash & Kremer, 2016).

Following are some of the greater risk companies may encounter when they avoid to confront with a problem employee:

1.      Hits the productivity of the business

2.      Give space to the high employee turnover rates

3.      Job dissatisfaction

4.      Create conflict situations

5.      Minimise the returns

6.      Create unhealthy workplace environment

Avoiding the risk is the natural tendency of the human being when it comes to the difficult challenge but when it will be preferred strategy then there are chances to hits the number of areas. Avoiding the confrontation with problem employees can lose the control over productive activities and letting the problem into the bigger issue by end of the day. Ignoring or avoiding the problem may not disappear the problem completely and there are the huge chances to hits the number of productive areas. Organizations should focus on resolving the conflict situation and try to maintain the healthy communication channels so that it helps to focus on the productive business activities and minimise the potential concerns by end of the day (Taino & Imbriani, 2016).


By avoiding the confrontation problem of an employee there will be a loss of productivity and impaired teamwork and the company’s reputation will be damaged. Avoiding conflict sometimes sounds like a good thing but it is better than the environment in which occurrence of conflict is rare and there is avoiding conflict when it presents itself. The wish of each and every employee is to be seen as easygoing in work and a pleasant company environment. By this, they can overcome the creation of a negative working environment. Generally, conflict is a part of every workplace and which plays a difficult role in the career of employees. This conflict between employees arises when there is something went wrong with some employee or if there is no proper and healthy management (Miller, 2011).

For example, delaying of decision making, improvements for the company is unable by the managers, giving priority to someone, not at all listening to employees ideas, none healthy behavior, blaming others for a small mistake, bad attitude of managers towards employees or team members are some of the situations in which conflict arises. Finally, we understand that conflict avoidance is unhealthy. Conflict management is the main quality of greater leadership. The Thomas Kilmann grid looks upon conflict-avoidance and said that if problems are never raised then how can the business improve. The avoidance of conflict side effects is high turnover. So that the reputation of the company will be loaded by this the employees will suffer a lot.  In fact, this avoidance of conflict comes underperformance management and organizations will not be able to get success in their business can overcome this problem and huge benefits can be obtained to the company. Conflict in the workplace occurs mainly of poor communication and most of the people prefer to avoid conflict(Greene, 2006).

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