1-2 page long

There are ten questions I need to answer for this essay

I shortly answer the questions, and I need your help to organize it.

Reflection on topic:

1. How did you and your partner come up with your topic? For example, did it stem from personal interests or ideas about what others would find interesting? Did it stem from a “need”, or perceived “need” for the students?

2. Once you facilitated your circle, did the group respond to the topic in the way you thought they would? Was it interesting? Was it a need?

3. What would you change about the topic choice if you were to do another circle?

Reflection on planning:

4. When you planned your circle, what were the different elements you kept in mind? (timing, cultural sensitivities, excitement level, how to include everyone…)

Please name each element” (1,2,3…)“ and say why you thought about those things.

5. For each element, talk about what worked and what did not work.

6. What things did you forget to think about in your plan?

Reflection on facilitation:

7. Before the circle, how did you practice?

8. During the circle, how did you feel, and why?

9. How do you think you can prepare for a future circle, as an active facilitator?

10. Add any other comments or reflections you’d like to, not addressed by the above questions. (you must make a comment to receive points)


  1. It’s was a great experience working with my partner. We were both interested at the topic social media. And we believe it is beneficialto have international students absorb more informations about Americans’ social media.
  2. I think people were interested about this topic, and I believe everyone was willing to share their ideas during conversation circle.
  3. I would love talk about dating culture in different countries.
  4. People’s reaction was one thing I worried about. So I tried to make the power point more attracted and make my lecture more interesting. Another thing is about timing. Our presentation was not long enough, so we found one interesting video, and add more discussion section in it.
  5. I think both elements worked out, the students were very exciting and attracted by us. The timing management were fine too, a hour long.
  6. No
  7. Since It was two of us facilitating the Conversation Circle, We both did some parts of the power point, And we practice the parts that we own did.
  8. I was nervous in the beginning, since this is the event that open to anyone who is willing to participate. Then I found out students were interested about our topic. I was getting confident and did well.
  9. I absorbed a lot of experience this time.
  10. NO.