Rectangular Peg Solitaire in Python


Cracker Barrel restaurants typically set out a free table game called Peg Triangle Solitaire.

For this assignment, you will implement a similar game that we shall call DigiPeg Solitaire. In DigiPeg Solitaire, the user can specify how many rows [1-9] and how many columns [1-9] the board should have.

In DigiPeg Solitaire, pegs can jump over an adjacent peg into an empty space. The jumping peg, the adjacent peg, and the empty space must be in a straight line as in Peg Triangle Solitaire. The potential direction for a peg to jump is over, under, left, or right.
When a jump is made the adjacent peg (the peg that was jumped over) is removed.
The game is over when no more moves are possible.

When 2 or fewer pegs remain when the game ends, the message You’re a DigiPeg Genius!

When 3 or 4 pegs remain, the message Not too shabby, rookie.

When 5 or 6 pegs remain, the message That’s nothing to write home about.

When 7 or more pegs remain, the message You’re a DigiPeg Igno-Ra-Moose.
10 points. The game_over method is correct. (All or nothing.)

10 points. The final_message method is correct. (3 points off for each incorrect case up to 10 points.)

40 points. The legal_move method returns True correctly. (5 points off for not identifying a legal jump in each of the eight directions.)

20 points. The legal_move method returns False correctly. (10 points off for each type of illegal jump that is identified as a legal one up to 20 points.)

10 points. The make_move method is correct. (All of nothing.)

10 points – The methods you write are properly commented, easy to understand and do not contain unnecessary code. (3 points for each type of improvement up to 10 points.)
Attached is the code you’re required to start from. Do not change anything that’s underneath the “The four missing methods go here. Do not modify anything else.” comment.

Also attached are sample transcripts that the program needs to be able to match.

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