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Answer all questions to analysis the article

APA Article Citation:

Aims of the research

  • Are the aims and objectives of the research clearly stated?
  • Is (are) the research question(s) clearly defined and focused?
  • Are the methods used appropriate to the research question(s)?
  • Is the recruitment or sampling strategy appropriate to the aims of the research?
  • Are methods of data collection adequate to answer the research question?
  • Are the roles of researchers clearly described?
  • Have ethical issues been addressed adequately?
  • Is the data analysis sufficiently rigorous?
  • Are the findings internally coherent, credible (valid)?
  • Are the findings relevant?
  • Are the implications of the study clearly reported?
  • Is there adequate discussion of the study limitations?

• What are the goals of the research?

• Why it is important?

• What is its relevance to the wider body of research and the specific field?

2.Is a qualitative approach appropriate?

• Does the research methodology seek to understand or illuminate the

subjective experiences or views of research participants?

• Does the research methodology seek to understand WHAT is happening and the reasons WHY observed situations or outcomes occur?

Study design

• Is (are) the question(s) relevant to the aim of the study?

• Is (are) the question(s) structured in a way that seeks to answer all the objectives of the study?

• Is a range of methods used for triangulation, or is use of a single method justified?

• Has the researcher justified the research design (for example, have they discussed how they decided which methods to use)?

Recruitment and data collection

• Has the researcher explained how the participants were selected?

• Are the reasons for this choice discussed/compared to other strategies?

• Is it clear why some participants were not selected, or declined to take


• Are there details about who was selected and why (consider gender, age, ethnicity, marital status)?

• Was the sample sufficient to understand the study context and population?

• Is it clear how data was collected (topic, guides checklists, focus groups, semi-structured interviews)?

• Has the researcher justified the methods chosen?

• Are details provided about the methods used (for example for interview method, is there an indication of how interviews were conducted, did they use a topic guide)?

• If methods were modified during the study, has the researcher explained how, and why?

• Were data collection tools pilot tested?

• Who conducted the research, how were they selected?

• Are the researchers skills, motives, background, position in terms of

power-relations (gender, age, ethnicity, employment relations etc.) and

perspective described and discussed?

• Have the researchers critically examined their own role, potential bias and influence during the formulation of the research questions, data collection and sample recruitment?

• Are there sufficient details of how the research was explained to the


• Are there details of what consent procedures were used? And how

consent was obtained?

• Is it clear how confidentiality and privacy were assured in the study?

• Was approval sought from the ethics committee?

Data analysis

• Is it clear how the researcher processed the raw data to arrive at the

stated results?

• Were the categories and themes identified in advance, or derived from the data?

• Are all data taken into account in the analysis?

• Are responses/experiences compared and contrasted across different

groups/individuals/study sites?

• Have the researchers critically examined their own role, potential bias and influence during analysis and selection of data for presentation?


• Are findings drawn from analysis of collected data rather than from the researcher’s preconceptions?

• Is there an adequate discussion of the findings both for and against the researchers’ arguments?

• Has the research critically reflected on the quality of the data collected and skills of the research team?

• Are the findings relevant to the study aims/objectives/questions?

• Is there a discussion about how the research contributes new knowledge or understanding in the field?

Implications of research

• Are the findings placed in the local context (geographical, cultural, political, socioeconomic)?

• Are the findings discussed in wider context (in relation to other studies on the same topic)?

• Have finding been disseminated to key stakeholders including


• Are the weaknesses of the study design discussed?

• Is there a discussion of new areas where research is needed?

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