Public Opinion Assignment, history homework help –


Public Opinion Assignment, history homework help –

Public Opinion Assignment

Go to the Gallup Public Opinion Web site ( and find the search tool in the top right corner of the site. Search topics on the page that have to do with Presidential Job Approval or Congress. Select one of the reports on the Presidential Job Approval OR Congress Approval and address the items below. In your assignment report, make sure to include the Title of the Report you discuss and the web link for the report.

1. Explain the trajectory/trend over the months of the report and discuss why that trend is occurring.

2. At the bottom of the report you will see the survey methodology. Critique the methodology against what the textbook authors discuss regarding measuring public opinion and sampling techniques in the Public Opinion chapter in your text.

Your report must be at least 300 words. List all web resources and referenced materials that were used. You must use the APA citation style format in listing references used and in parenthetical citations.


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