Public Health In The 21st Century


Public health has the potential to improve the lives of millions around the world. However, there are many factors and challenges that must be considered when working to improve the health of populations.

To prepare for this Discussion, select one public or global health topic of interest to you that you feel will be significant over the next 30 years from the wide range of public and global health challenges you have learned about in this course. Search for articles  online, to learn more about the topic you have selected.


Post a comprehensive response to the following:

What global health Issue, identified in the Report of the CISIS Commission on Smart Global Health Policy, do you think we will, most likely, see significantly reduced or increased in the 21st century? Provide evidence from credible sources to support your prediction.

  1. Provide a brief explanation of your chosen health topic and a description of the population affected.
  2. Describe the 1) economic, 2) individual liberty, 3) moral/religious, and 4) political factors that contributed to the health problem. What challenges face public health professionals trying to address this issue today and in the future?
  3. How should the ideals described in the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (p. 23 of “Haiti—From sustaining lives to sustainable solutions: the challenge of sanitation”) be applied to this public health challenge?
  4. How can future US global health strategies, identified in your resources, make a difference in the health topic you feel will be significant over the next 30 years
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