Public Health Epidemiology STATS 10 Questions


To complete the assignment, access the following resource:

Howlader N, Noone AM, Krapcho M, Miller D, Bishop K, Kosary CL, Yu M, Ruhl J, Tatalovich Z, Mariotto A, Lewis DR, Chen HS, Feuer EJ, Cronin KA (eds). SEER Cancer Statistics Review, 1975-2014, National Cancer Institute. Bethesda, MD,, based on November 2016 SEER data submission, posted to the SEER web site, April 2017.

Find the link labeled “Browse the Tables and Figures” and click on it. You should now be at a webpage titled, “Browse the SEER Cancer Statistics Review 1975-2014.” Now, find the information in the SEER Cancer Statistics Review to answer the following questions:


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