Project: Developing a marketing plan at BizOps Enterprises Purpose – You will demonstrate your…


Project: Developing a marketing plan at BizOps Enterprises

Purpose – You will demonstrate your skills and knowledge by completing a scenario-based project.

Task overview and context – You have received an email from Sean Bamford, Managing Director: Business Operations.

Subject: Your new role at BizOps Enterprises

As you may already be aware, Liz Hitchens, our Marketing Manager, will be taking 12 months of maternity leave commencing immediately, you have been recommended by Tony, your line manager, to take on this role in her absence with the title of Acting Marketing Manager.

Your first task in this role is to prepare a 12-month marketing plan ready for an executive management team meeting in three weeks time. The plan should address the BizOps marketplace and should be in a format appropriate for the organisation.

Please refer to the document outlining the outcome of this year's market world research, provided below. Refer to the 'Instructions to the candidate' section that follows for a detailed list of tasks that you will need to complete for this marketing plan.

Sean Bamford
Managing Director: Business Operations

BizOps market world research

BizOps currently has 150 stores Australia-wide, seven warehouse facilities and a head office. At present there are a number of issues and working conditions that are contributing to the organisation's market share.

These are the main performance issues that you will need to address within the BizOps marketing plan:
– Household income survey indicates a 23% decline in disposable income due to an increase in interest rates.
– Political and legal findings indicate that BizOps employees are working longer hours.
– There is a political emphasis on economic growth.
– There is new legislation relating to labelling requirements on all products delivered to BizOps customers.
– World industry report findings indicate that large supermarket chains are planning to introduce a range of smartphone applications.
– The world industry report has reported an evolving need for satisfaction being sought by buyers in the electronics market.
– Market world research shows that 57% of BizOps customers now prefer to order products online.Task overview

– Visits to bricks-and-mortar stores for products are declining and in store sales have dropped by 37% in the past quarter.
-Market World research has reported a 28% material shortage due to overseas drought conditions, making 23% of Bizops products temporary unavailable.
– The industry report shows an 18% expansion by other electronic chains – both interstate and internationally.
– Strategies adopted by each major competitor have created a price war.
– Overall sales have decreased by 22% as a result tor the fight for market share.

You will need to access and use the following BizOps Enterprises documents and templates:
– Marketing plan template
– Company business plan
– SWOT analysis template
– Marketing strategy scorecard template
– Work schedule template

See the 'Resources required' section for how to access these

Complete the following tasks. Tasks 2-7 can be either included as part of the marketing plan, or as appendices at the end of the document.

1. Using the marketing plan template create a 12-month, marketing plan to be presented to the executive management team in a meeting. Consider the following when creating your marketing plan:
– Prepare any additional communication tools necessary to persuade stakeholders in your organisation of the benefits of the marketing plan.

– Review the company business plan to identify organizational mission, business growth strategy and goals, products, customer markets and marketing strategy. Pay attention to target customer segments and the product categories for those segments.
– Review the marketing strategy and elements of the marketing mix as described in the business plan. Is it an effective marketing strategy and marketing mix?

2. Complete a SWOT analysis using the SWOT analysis template. Identify marketing opportunities.

3. Decide on three marketing objectives for the flagship products and develop a marketing strategy scorecard for the next 12 months using the marketing strategy scorecard template.

Consider your responsibility for ethical and legal marketing. Which laws industry standards need to be taken into account? Amend the marketing strategy scorecard accordingly.

4. Prepare a work schedule using the work schedule template. What processes need to occur for the marketing team to gain support of the other departments to implement the marketing plan and who needs to be involved?

5. Develop a budget, including sales revenue forecast. Consider whether you need to take into account the risks of implementation and factor those into your budget. Prepare the budget in Microsoft Excel.

6. What will be the performance metrics for the marketing plan? How will you go about obtaining the data to do these metrics?

7. Prepare a presentation to communicate the rationale. Ensure your rationale includes:
– how the marketing plan contributes to the company business plan
– how you came to decide on the marketing objectives the basis of your sales revenue forecast and marketing expenditure forecast; how you came to your return on investment figure
-The performance metrics you will use to measure the outcomes of implementing the plan
-The human resources required to implement the plan
– the procedures you will undertake to ensure the marketing plan is implemented without ethical or legal risk to the company.
The final documents you submit for assessment will be assessed using the project criteria provided.

All project criteria outlined must be covered satisfactorily for Part B to be completed satisfactorily.

You must complete the project unassisted by the assessor or other personnel, but may refer to reference material as needed.

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