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First you have write about the Humane resource management in 700 word

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1- introduction

2- about the Humane resource management in general.

3-Recruit: depend of what they recruit the employees ….

4- selection: how they select the people for the recruit ….

5- what are the relationship between the recruit and selection.

6- what the problem its happen in the HRM.

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2.1 Introduction

In this chapter we will discuss the literature collected from secondary sources. The beginning will be a focus on literature on emotional intelligence, leadership styles, the relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership, and some relevant information to study. This will help to understand the principles and strategies used in this area, and current studies on the subject.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability of manager to understand their own emotions and those of the people they work with to achieve better business performance. Emotional intelligence shows that people may be intelligence yet they cannot handle people well and make social contact easily. Thus being intelligent not necessarily makes a person good manger it is necessary for a leader to understand self, his goal, behavior and how to respond to people and understand others and their feelings. Business performance can be improved by appointing people with high level of emotional intelligence.

Daniel Goleman ( 2001) is best known researcher into Emotional intelligence has suggested that there are four main emotional intelligence companies that manager should try to develop and improve that is self-awareness that is knowing what we feel is import and using that to guide decision making and self-management that is being able to recover quickly from stress, being trustworthy and self-control and social awareness that is sensing what others are feeling , being able to take their views into account and social skills handling emotions in relationship well accurately understanding different social situations, using social skills to persuade ,negotiate and lead . (Peter Stimpson & Alastair Farquharson 2015-page number 150-151)

Emotional intelligence involves the ability to monitor manager own feeling and as well as feeling and emotions of others in order to discriminate among them and manager can use this information to guide thinking and action of people( Kavita, 2012) According to mayer and Salovery emotional intelligence is based within a model of intelligence and it consist of two area that is ability t respond , manipulate


emotional information and other is ability to understand and manage emotions .The fundamental concept of emotional intelligence is ability to understand others emotions and abilities and to control , adjust self .It is believed that person who has high emotional intelligence show better social skills. Emotional intelligence all over the people around the world express their opinion.

To quote Peter Salvoey of Yale University: ” Over the recent years, belief and emotional intelligence have been changed -Before intelligence was once perfection, it was considered as more to life. Where emotion was once prediction, people were recognizing that it might have substantive value “(

According to Lennick and Kell (2008) Emotional intolerance is like fear, angle control thoughts and lead us to action. This will affect the work relationship. They quote ” Effective leader, you need colleges to understand what you mean and what you do, without self-awareness, you will be in the dark about how you come across to your colleges. If leader is a unaware of his feeling, you are at their mercy, without self-awareness, your capacity for self-correction is limited.” Self-awareness will help to analyses the ones thoughts and action and it will help to understand self-better and react appropriately. This awareness is important and reduces the personal stress and help in creating good relationship and a positive work atmosphere in workplace.

Many studies have found that emotional intelligence can have high impact on various elements of everyday living (Palmer, Donaldson and Stough 2012) The higher the emotional intelligence was more likely to use an adaptive life style. Emotional intelligence is an ability to perceive and manage the emotions of self as well as others. According to Daniel emotional intelligence groups leadership competencies, high effective leaders will have all the four competencies ( Rosie V, De Cosmo March 2017,A case study ) The leader who is lacking in emotional intelligence is not able to lead and guide the worker .Leader who will react with erratic emotions will have positive feeling towards the company and can be a good leader . Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool critical for reaching the goal it will help to improve the work relationship and create productive work place. Company need to have leader who has emotional intelligence other than technical skill, when it comes to promotions emotional intelligence should be one of the criteria .


The researcher notes that the previous quotations include several dimensions of emotional intelligence of either:

▪ Ability to pay attention to and recognize the emotions and subjective feelings and distinguish between them.

▪ Ability to regulate emotions and emotions and directed to achieve achievement and excellence and use in making better decisions.

▪ Ability to control negative emotions and turn them into positive emotions.

▪ Ability to manage the emotions of others.

▪ The ability to influence positively in others through emotional and emotional awareness.

Thus, the researchers can define emotional intelligence as: the ability to build a positive relationship between the individual and himself on the one hand and with the others on the other, through his ability to realize his own emotions, awareness and ability to control them, as well as to observe the emotions of others and learn how to empathize and communicate with them efficiently to achieve positive results.

Leadership Style

In the competitive world it is necessary to have effective leadership style in order to reduce the attrition rate, with the good leadership style company is able to achieve the organizational goal. The style of leadership will affect the performance of the worker. Leadership is a key part of being a successful manger. It involves setting a clear direction and vision for an organisation. Employees will want to follow a good leader and will respond positively to them. Leadership is art of motivating group of people towards achieving a common objective. Leadership style refers to the way in which manager take decision and communicate with their staff. There are four distinct leadership styles that is autocratic, democratic, paternalistic and laissez faire. Leadership style is a important function which has direct relationship with leadership approaches. The leadership style can be classified into two dimensional ways. The one style is task oriented and it is associated with supervision of performance in order to ensure that task is completed by controlling and providing direction and setting goal. The other form is motivating rather than controlling the worker and it involve listing and supporting the worker.

According to Podsakoeff said that leadership style can affect the satisfaction of worker in the organisation. Bass divided the leadership style into transformational and transactional leadership. Transformation will influence individual through intellectual stimulations and it establish vision and transformational will


encourage the subordinates to view the problem from new perspectives. Padsakoff said that transformational leader has active influence on the individual .

Transformational leaders have charisma, inspiration , and intellectual stimulations . This will encourage its workers. Four factors of transformational leadership are:

a) individual consideration it is concerned with guiding guidance .Leader will treat his worker with individual approach by listening idea and tries to know him well and leader will help each individual by encouraging to participate and delegating and getting a feed back.

b) Intellectual stimulation , here leaders will motivate followers by building up their own skills , leaders will engage himself with follower by providing a new ideas and encouraging new ideas of subordinate and problem solving are given importance.

c)Inspirational motivation, leader will encourage high degree of performance by setting a future vision.

Idealized influence, Leader will imparts the mission in such a way that will inspire and motivate the subordinate .( Hodginson & Fort 2014)

The research which was conducted in organisation of England shows the relationship between leadership style and emotional intelligence .The research showed that there is a positive relationship between two .Higher the emotional intelligence among leader, company has high profit.( Stein & Sitarenio, 2009)

According to Judge & Piccolo, 2004 The use of transactional forms of leadership is proven to have positive effect on the performance of worker , in this leader will establish good relationship with subordinates that focuses on meeting the objectives in efficient manner. Transactional leadership is characterised by three dimensions that is contingent reward for the good performance and active and passive management for weak performance. Transactional leadership play an exchange role between manager and worker , these leader try to motivate the worker through contingent reward. According to Burns transactional leader try to focus on completing the task and relay on reward or punishment to influence the performance of worker.

According to Avolio (2015) Laissez faire leadership should be treated as separate from other , here leader is not taking responsibility and decision and he will not give any support or feedback . In (March 2000, the Harvard Business Review )had published a revolutionizing article on leadership style it says that The most


effective use of a collection of distinct leadership styles each in right measure, right time flexibility is difficult to put in action buy it will helpful in increasing the performance”

The more styles a leader has it is better so that he can switch among any conditions, so that he can create the good organizational atmosphere and able to maximise the business performance. (Goleman, 2014, 7th August) The good also will try to form new relationship, by getting to know someone and try to cultivate the bond and good leader has mastered the art of interpersonal communication .

Leadership is important for organisation, organisation requires competent leader in order to be successful. According to Robbins (2011) Leadership is the ability to influence a group in order to achieve common goal. Most of the leader understand the value of diversity, listening and respect and they are also flexible and get well along with others. Managing emotions of both self and others by the leaders are important .If leader is not emotionally intelligent, they will be unable to win competitive world. In today’s economy that company is concentrating on developing emotional intelligent leader.

Leadership is a social influence , in today’s competitive world there is a need for effective leader, who can understand the complexities of rapidly changing environment. If leader has good relationship with worker then employee will try to work hard .A mechanism of leadership style will affect the innovation and there is a direct relationship between leadership style and innovation team .We can conclude that in the practice of leadership style, the work actually taking place in a deeper level of emotional intelligence. In order to achieve the awareness it is necessary to have good leader. Thus leadership style will affect the quality of work.

Relation between Emotional intelligence and leader ship

Emotional intelligence is associated with that of leadership. The leadership theory says about the effective leader, the current of research describe about two distinct leader that is transformational and transactional.(Mandell & Pherwani, 2013) The transformational leader try to stimulates interest among co- worker and try to inspire the work and gives an awareness of the goal in the organization and try to develop higher level of ability and motivate other . The transactional leader who will reward the staff on the basis of their performance and o the completion of task they rely on punishment and reward to improve the performance. Kerr et (2014) Investigated the relationship between emotional intelligence and leader .The emotional intelligence of a leader is related to the effectiveness. The leader who is supportive will have positive effect on the performance of followers. Kerr said that emotional intelligence is very important for the competency for the performance on organization. Emotional intelligence is positively related to the job


satisfaction and behavior of the subordinates .It shows emotional intelligence plays very important role in improving the performance and effectiveness in the organization.

“With practice leaders can improve their emotional intelligence. The better a leader relates to and works with others, the more successful he or she will be” (Solberg, 2017)

According to researchers, emotional intelligence is closely related to leadership. A good leader must have emotional intelligence so that he can control his emotions and control them tightly in his work and with the workers in the organization. The leader must also develop his emotional intelligence skills to be effective leader for the group he leads.

“The ability of companies and organizations to stay and excel in the efficiency of their managers in the hectic competition of the business world in it is also related to their ability to motivate their employees, to create a spirit of cooperation and creativity, and instill a spirit of loyalty to the institution in which they work. Leadership is the ability to influence a person’s feelings and feelings. Researchers therefore find that the leader’s success is linked to the level of emotional intelligence, not just mental intelligence. When an organization manager succeeds in conveying positive emotions in the work environment, performance improves and production rises, and vice versa when negative emotions characterize the work environment and employee relationship” (Al-Aty, 2010)

Emotional intelligence and performance

Emotional intelligence is closely related to motivation and motivation related to the third type of performance, which is motivational behavior. Individuals who maintain an optimistic outlook can overcome the negative impact of collapse, frustration and stress( Law et al, 2007)

Stoch, B,( 1996 ) explained that reaching the top of an individual’s performance stems from an interest in the internal and external factors of the individual and the most important internal factors emotional ability, because emotion affects our physical and mental energy, our emotions with all the time and impossible to leave at the door in the morning and then take it Back when you return home.

According to above literatures emotional intelligence is an appropriate tool for predicting motivation because individuals with high emotional intelligence are able to organize their emotions, emotions and uses to improve their performance. They are able to focus and maintain their level of motivation


2.2 Team communication plan

Saleema was a distinguished member of the team where she played an effective role in terms of collecting information through books and references and prepared the quotations that serve the search well to be added to the research and she had a role in writing in each of the chapters and at the end of the research she write the conclusion of the project.

The role of Intsar was not less than any role of any member of this group where she motivate all members of the group where she had a positive energy stimulated the team. Intsar contributed to the writing in all chapter and she had an important role in the preparation of the proposal and at the end of the research she wrote a summary of finding.

Moadh was a member of the team he collected information about the company as he had a role in writing many paragraphs in this research and where he wrote two points in the chapter one and in the third chapter also wrote two points and he analyzed the questionnaire questions where he explained the tables and the graph of the number of questions and in chapter five he did his turn where he wrote about Future research.

In this research, Khalil played an important role, as he was the one who oversaw the coordination of the meetings between the members of the team, and determined the time and place. He also had a role in writing the points that the team leader commissioned him to write. He wrote them well and at the end of the research he was assigned to write recommendations and discuss them with the rest of the team.

In this project, Abdulsalam was the team leader. His role was to distribute tasks to the rest of the members of the team and follow up the work and guide them in some points that was difficult for them and then receive the work completed and revise it and correct the errors and then review the work with the Supervisor and finally submit work in the module, also he prepared the questionnaire and distributed and receipt of the results and analysis it by using Statistical Analysis Program SPSS.

The team was communicate by phone and email they was most time matting in the college in meeting room in MEC library and they discuss about project issue also they were meeting in some coffee out said college to prepare for visit company and to meet some person who wanted too aske them about some information.