Portfolio Part 1 & 2 (u.S. History)


**Part 1 

 Write a 5-8 (1500 words minimum) page paper about three individuals who had a significant impact on US history from the time of settlement to Reconstruction.  All individuals should be contemporaries (live at more or less the same time). One should be a political leader, one a writer or artist, and one a figure from any other field (religion, business, education, etc.) In week 8 for Part 2, you will illustrate your argument with a visual presentation

Paper should be based on at least five sources, including a scholarly journal article and three primary sources, and provide the following information about each person:

  • An explanation for why you chose these individuals, what made them important historical figures.
  • Biographical information (childhood, education, occupation). 
  • Information about the era in which they lived – what were the major events or problems of the country during that period that affected your subject?
  • The historical legacy of each person – what did they accomplish, did they change the world, whom did they influence?
  • A conclusion about what was important about the people and the era they lived in.

Part 2 (Powerpoint)

For your presentation, you should gather a variety of media. Content might include portraits, images of documents important to the individual, and images of the country at the time.  Visual representations of images, videos or recordings should include captions or a voice-over providing an explanation of the representations, and a Suggested Readings page.  All captions should include the source of the image and a short explanation of its importance.

  • At least five images from three different media sources and an annotated bibliography or a “suggested reading” list for your audience. Your suggested reading list may be different from the works cited list for your paper, and should include the most interesting sources you have found. The list should contain at least five substantial Web sites or primary sources. Among these five sources must be a scholarly journal article and at least three primary sources.
  • Captions for each image
  • Annotations for each source. “Annotation” means you will write a sentence or two for each source listed which tells the reader what is worthwhile about this source.

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