Policy Recommendation Paper/Nutrition Class


1.  This is a masters class in nutrition and the writing should demonstrate that.  professional writing with no grammatical errors.

2.  final paper example is included

3. instructions are included. read them all so you can understand what you are      doing, but (module 7/ week 7 )is what needs to be done.

4. policy recommendation paper is included

5. professor comments included

6.  policy recommendation paper needs to be updated with professors comments and it needs to look  EXACTLY like the example when done.  the final paper needs to have all the subheadings the example has so research will have to be done to complete this assignment.  If the subheading is not needed on the attached policy paper, take it out.  Add whatever needs to be added to the policy paper.

7. if the paper is not right, it will need to be revised immediately.

7. follow the instructions.  AMA style

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