please analysis this question accurately and correctly-

please analysis this question accurately and correctly-

Write a report of the company: Create a general company description, describe the products and the production process, and your analysis. Try to fit the company and the logistical organization in a theoretical framework b, using what you have learned in Operations Management. The report should is normally between 5 and 10 pages of real content, but more is allowed .(I chose about Toshiba company and

1. General characteristics a. The company: name, location, personnel, turnover, mission statement b. Flow of goods (high level) c. Competitive edge d. Structure of the organization, role of logistics

2. Product characteristics a. Description of the products b. Complexity of the product, product structure c. Raw materials, semi-finished products

3. Process characteristics a. Flowchart(s) b. Manufacturing process type, layout

4. Planning a. Description of the planning process b. Customer order decoupling point c. Control concept Use pictures for illustration of buildings, products, processes or machines Use techniques and knowledge of Operations Management like input-transformation-output model, flowcharts, Value Stream Mapping and so on.

Rules & Regulations: ï‚· All resources should be cited using CU Harvard style. ï‚· The final assignment must have a Title page, Table of Contents, References/ bibliography using CU Harvard Style and page numbers.