Begin by describing the general views of Marx and Rand respectively, then discuss the stark differences between them.  What do they think is wrong with existing societies?  How do such problems arise?  What can be done to solve them?  Who should lead the way?  (Note: these are general questions and suggestions for thinking about the theories; you aren’t required to answer each separately.)

After explaining the differences between them, consider (and discuss) why they think it is essential to do such analysis.  What are the primary goals for human communities?  What values are they based on?  What responsibilities do people have to try to bring about a better union?  (Again, these questions are to get you thinking about the purposes; you don’t need to address them explicitly, though you can.)

Finally, consider one concrete application of each of the theories in our present society.  This could be a law that needs to be changed because it violates freedoms as defined by Marx or Rand; a program, law, institution, or custom that fulfills the promise (goals) of one of the theories; or any other form of present-day practice that can be analyzed through the theories.  You can use the same law, institution, program, etc. for both theories, or use a different one for each.

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