Philosophy quiz help?? 20 questions, need at least a 70%


20.png 16-19.png 12-15.png 8-11.png 4-7.png 1-3.png 

The above files are actual quiz questions from one of the versions, they might be the one you get … READ BELOW

In order to complete this quiz, you must read and watch the required resources from this week before and while you are attempting the quiz. You have up to three attempts to complete this quiz. However, the system does not take your best score. Instead, it only counts your most recent attempt. That means that if you are happy with your score you should not attempt the quiz again as it might result in a lower score.

There is a total of 20 questions. I set a budget for myself, so this week I can not pay a lot, but I have a lot of work and if I choose you as my tutor, I will use you for my upcoming assignments.

Once you have ACCEPTED, I will provide the login and p/w for the site you need to log into to take the quiz.

The below mentioned references could be helpful, as this was our guidance for this week!!!



  1. Regan, T. (1985). The case for animal rights. In P. Singer (Ed.), In defense of animals (pp. 13-26). New York, NY: Basil Blackwell. Retrieved from
  2. Singer, P. (1989). All animals are equal. In T. Regan & P. Singer (Eds.), Animal rights and human obligations (pp. 148-162). New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Retrieved from,Spr07/singer.pdf


  1. Alfie A. (2010, Nov. 22). Meet your meat [Video file]. Retrieved from
  2. Easyaspeace. (2008, April 7). Tom Regan, a case for animal rights [Video file]. Retrieved from
  3. Garcia, P. (Director). (2004). Ethics: What is right? [Series episode]. In C. Scherer (Executive producer), Great ideas of philosophy I. Retrieved from the Films On Demand database.

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