Philosophy Questions

There are three questions that must be answered separately. Please provide a detailed response to each question consisting of 250-400 words for each question. Must cite a minimum of 2 sources for each question but no more than 3 each. Please use turabian style and try to paraphrase rather than quote.


1.       1. With Locke, Rousseau and Kant, we come across the idea of reason as having a moral component. This is often identified as “moral reason.” How does reason and moral virtue in the political among Ancient Greeks appear in the moral reason and political thought of *one* of these thinkers: Locke, Rousseau or Kant? (Choose one)


2.      2.  What is J.S. Mill’s understanding of human nature (for example, individuality) and rationality in his approach to liberty?


3.       3. How does John Rawls’ Theory of Justice carry forward the modern social contract theory while also drawing on Kant?  Please be specific. In your response, use at least two of the following concepts: public reason, original position, veil of ignorance, primary goods, universal moral standards, liberty, moral autonomy, comprehensive background and overlapping consensus.