Philosophy Paper, 5 Pages


Philosophy Paper, 5 Pages.

 compare my philosophy to Descartes and also Plato. 

My personal philosophy is “if you fall get back up”
We have to expound on our philosophy(challenged or supported by Plato) but consider the following:

Descartes seriously calls into question speculation taken to be certainty. He offers what turns out to be a circular proof for gods existence (innate ideas of God and perfection demand the existence of God, and an existing God guarantees the veracity of these innate ideas. Without proof, philosophers such as David Hume undermine the proof as well as the assumption that a cause must be equal to or greater than its effect(s). In the light of this, reevaluate your views and provide a logos (rational argument) for your beliefs, OR acknowledge that you need to revise them in part or completely.
-Assignment must be turned in with quotes and work cited page, and with reflection on your own view, with references from Descartes, Plato/Socrates.

Descartes claimed to have severely challenged all philosophy before his time and replaced it with a foundational philosophy of certainty. He used the dream argument to question the objective knowledge of all perceptions, and the evil genius argument to raise doubt about the certainty of mathematics and logic.

He holds that he reconstructs the edifice of philosophy starting with his proof of gods existence through his use of the innate idea of perfection and the assumption that a cause must be equal to or greater than its effects. He ends with the recovery of the world(as perceived in ones consciousness), but only as primary qualities ( those qualities the mind perceives that are open to quantification– for only perceptions confirmed by mathematics can be known with 100% objective certainty.

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