Philosophy of exceptional learning and inclusion


Write a 4 page Philosophy of Exceptional Learning and Inclusion paper,

  • Revise your explanation of your intended career path in addition to any new learning.
  • Revise your description of the professional dispositions you possess that influence your beliefs about how children grow, learn, and develop, in addition to any new learning.
  • Revise your discussion of your views on where we are as a nation with creating inclusive environments that meet the needs of exceptional learners using in addition to any new learning. .
  • Revise your definition of inclusion , in addition to any new learning.
  • Revise your summary of the role you feel collaboration with families and other educational professionals should play when supporting exceptional learners in inclusive environments in addition to any new learning. .
  • New ~ Synthesize how you will use evidence-based strategies, including Universal Design for Learning, to support the needs of exceptional learners in inclusive environments. Evidence-Based Strategies and Universal Design for Learning, for support.
  • New ~ Explain, using specific examples, how you will support children or adults with specific delays, disorders, or disabilities (SLD, SLD, ADHD, BD, ED, etc.) in your future line of work. Refer back to your Week Four discussions: Supporting Children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) and Speech and Language Impairments and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Emotional Disturbance (ED), and Behavioral Disorders (BD).
  • New ~ Describe how you will uphold professional and ethical standards when supporting children or adults with exceptionalities and their families. Refer back to your Week Five discussion, Ethical Dilemmas, for support.
  • Include the following based on your Program of Study:Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Explain an example of a lesson you would teach and how it aligns with your philosophy of exceptional learning and inclusion. ( my career I’m going towards is owning a daycare center)

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