Philosophy Moral Issue Project


Philosophy Moral Issue Project.

Step 1 of Final Project out of 3…..(the rest will be assigned later)


Including direct experience

1.  Isolate a moral issue in your community (community can be broadly defined…..).  You may find this in a number of ways, including direct experience, local media, national media, or global media (again, the term community can be broadly defined).

 The primary limitation for selection of a topic for the final project is that the topic cannot be a moral issue that is the subject of one of your units in this class (Cultural Relativism and Ethical Egoism, World Poverty, Utilitarian and Kantian Moral Theory, The Death Penalty, Euthanasia, Abortion)) So, for example, the idea of euthansia cannot be the topic for anyone’s final project because one of our units deals with that issue.

Moral issue

Formulate a thesis for your paper around this moral issue. (one paragraph)

2.  Explain how the issue you have chosen is a moral issue.  (one paragraph)

This task will be fulfilled by writing two paragraphs, one for each of the numbered items mentioned above. 

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