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Session 5 Persuasion Speech Assignments
Persuasive speaking influences attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors of others (Verderber, Sellnow & Verderber, 2018). Examples of famous persuasive speeches are:

President John F. Kennedys Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You
Atticus Finchs closing remarks in the 1962 movie, To Kill A Mockingbird
Dr. Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream speech
During this session, you will be creating a persuasive speech on a topic of your choice. Below is an overview of the required components of this Persuasive Speech assignment. More details on each component along with the submission links are included in this folder.

Topic Selection

First, you will need to select the topic of your persuasive speech. The topic should be something that interests both you and your audience, personally or professionally. Choose topics that are unique but not emotionally charged (for example, avoid the topic of abortion/pro-life or capital punishment).


Next you will create an outline of your speech.

The outline should be comprehensive in all areas to include APA format in-text citation of sources where applied and a complete references list at the bottom. For this speech, you will need to use and orally cite at least three (3) academic, peer reviewed, published references.


You will deliver a seven to nine (7-9) minute persuasive speech. Your speech must include the following Monroes Motivated Sequence elements:

Introduction/Attention Getter
What could be said or presented that will capture your audience’s attention to this subject?
Provide a brief context, building background on the issue you have selected.
The background should clearly describe what the issue/problem is, how it came to be an issue, and how the issue/problem impacts your audience.
Provide your answer(s) to the issue/problem based on sound logical reasoning (facts, statistics, personal research, etc.).
Visualization of Solution
Provide a visual (both rhetorically and visually) so that your audience can “see” the solution actually being implemented.
Call to Action
Provide specific actions that your audience can take to be a part of this solution.
In this speech you must use a visual aid (of your choice) as well as use and orally cite at least three (3) academic, peer reviewed, published references. Include these references in a reference page or slide in APA format. If using Powerpoint slides, make sure you use in-text citations where information is applied.

There will be no formal peer evaluations of this speech. This speech serves as the final for this course and has a higher point value than previous speeches.

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