Part A: Drafting a Bill, history homework help –


Part A: Drafting a Bill, history homework help –

Part A: Drafting a Bill

In this project, you will write your own congressional bill. Choose an issue that seems important to you and write a bill to deal with the matter. To get an idea of what issue to write about, review current events. These sites may be helpful, but you can use other news sources as well.




Keep in mind that your bill will be a federal bill, and that it will deal with a national issue. State and local concerns should be left to state legislatures and city councils. The measure your bill proposes may be liberal or conservative. It may call for increased government activity or reduce the power of the government.

For more information about bills, you may refer to these sources:

Library of Congress: HYPERLINK “”

United States Senate: HYPERLINK “”

United States House of Representatives: HYPERLINK “”

Part B: Presenting your Bill

Write a 600-word (two double-spaced pages) essay in which you explain your bill. In your essay, you should:

Explain why the bill is important.

Discuss how the bill relates to something in the news today.

Use at least two sources other than your course materials.

Explain why the bill is constitutional.

Assign your bill to a committee (in either the House or the Senate) and explain why that committee is best qualified to consider your bill. (You may refer to the websites of the House and the Senate for lists of committees.)

Because you will be using sources other than your textbook, you will need to include a list of references with your essay. Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, which may be accessed online or in many libraries. Your paper should be free of spelling, punctuation, and typing errors.

A grading rubric is provided.


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