Guided Response:  Respond to at least two of your peers and provide recommendations to extend their thinking. Challenge your peers by asking a question that may cause them to reevaluate their position. Each response should be at least 50 words in length.


Some of the impacts that resulted from the emergence of, or ever had, and try new things. This made people be able to sell things in the market at a higher price due to it not being readily available in their area. agriculture is that they changed the way mankind lived. With the emergence of agriculture. This made way for people to get things they couldnt have in their region, things they could not grow.

Agriculture contributed to the rise of civilizations by creating farms to help grow the farming population. Also, this contributed to the help of trade of Agriculture threw out all the lands around close and overseas. This makes it easier for people to live in areas that done have much growing there. They can grow their own food in the desert that has no food normally.

The relationship between agriculture and inequality are Agriculture is what started inequality. Peopled lived in communal villages where sharing with the group was the first priority, and individual families and possessions weren’t a big deal.  There was no such thing as richness and poverty.  Instead, the whole tribe ate, or the whole tribe went hungry. As soon as people began farming (and had the ability to store a surplus), our entire social structure changed. After time people began farming (and had the ability to store a surplus), our entire social structure changed.  The family became the First obligation of the individual, and certain families became much richer than others. Rather than living in nearly identical houses, rich families built large edifices while poor families lived in hovels.  The rich were buried with luxurious goods, while the poor were tossed alone into their graves.  Ironically, surplus food had created poverty.


Agriculture will always be a big part of civilization. I dont think that agriculture was necessialy the downfall of civilization but perhaps greed was. We all need food in our life and we will need someone to mass produce the food for us to have. When communities became larger we had to rely on others to produce for us rather than porducing food in our own yards. Some of the great impacts of agriculture, is bringing communities together for a sole purpose, which is survival. Making sure that everyone was doing their job, and everyone was safe was a big part of survival for all. Like I said earlier the downfall of agriculture would be greed, others would want perhaps a better price, or perhaps the first pick of the day, which brought more competition then there needed to be. That is where I think inequality comes into play, what if your crop was not as pletaful then the next, there is also the color of skin that takes affect of civilizations. The Native Americans were skilled in agriculture, where as the new man was not, perhaps jealousy is also a factor. Instead of most learning from them we took it as a sign that they were better than us and how dare anyone be better. Even now that we have grown as people, there is still that bit of us that need to have the best, be the best, which will always be a downfall.

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